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The application of mirror titanium plate in the fashion glasses industry

Mar 23, 2018

With the progress of science and technology, also in the titanium industry showed a good momentum of development in the last century, the titanium industry also more concentrated in the two areas of aviation industry and marine industry, and now titanium industry has developed to more industries, such as automobile industry, medical industry and so on, titanium has many excellent characteristics. In the glasses industry has started to use titanium products.

The traditional glasses develop from glass to glass, and then develop from glass to plastic and resin, and then to the mirror titanium plate. The crystal and glass products are broken easily, while the plastic resin material is not clear enough. The use of mirror titanium plate can solve these problems.

The mirror titanium plate can not only solve the fragile problem of crystal and glass lens, but also solve the problem of indistinct problem caused by plastic and resin, and ensure the characteristics of the patient's resistance to fall. This is a new direction for future development.

In addition to titanium can be used in glasses, but also can be applied to the spectacle frame, made of pure titanium glasses because of the light weight (the weight of ordinary nickel base alloy frame 48%-60%), high strength, corrosion resistance, anti allergy, easy coloring, surface appearance and durability has been received by the consumers.

We believe in the development of technology in the future. The development of titanium industry will also get better and better, and the application field will be more extensive. Smart metals and future metals will continue to promote the development of high-end industry.

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