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Titanium semi-finished products in electric vacuum devices

May 21, 2018

If the special properties of titanium are ensured to obtain the necessary technical and economical effects, titanium metal and milling base alloys can be used not only as the shell and shell material of various electric vacuum devices, but also as materials for the inner parts of the tubes. Heat-loaded parts that operate at temperatures of 500-1000°C with titanium-made electric vacuum screws can, in many cases, greatly improve the use characteristics of such devices.

The evaporation rate in the vacuum stage is small, the emissivity coefficient is high (especially titanium powder), the resistance to melting, the non-magnetic properties and the good suction performance, all of these characteristics determine the rationality of its application in the structure of electric vacuum devices. .

Dense titanium can be used to make other structural parts in the anode, grid, and anode tubing that operate under extreme thermal loads. In many cases, titanium can effectively replace yttrium and ytterbium, which is lighter than these elements and can better inhale. Dense titanium can be used to make in-tube parts for many electric vacuum devices. The semi-finished products used at this time were titanium foils (thickness of 20 to 50 microns), tapes, strips, sheets, wires, and tubes.

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