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An overview of the structure of titanium plate heat exchangers

Feb 05, 2016

Titanium plate heat exchanger is a metal sheet with a corrugated shape by a series of stacked a new high-efficiency heat exchanger between various plates to form a thin rectangular channel, through the process of heat exchange it half a piece of shell and tube type heat exchanger in general, consumption in the same flow resistance and pump power under the condition, the heat transfer coefficient is much higher, instead of shell and tube heat exchanger of the trend in the applicable scale. Titanium plate heat exchanger, commonly used materials are mainly austenitic stainless steel, titanium and its alloy, nickel and alloy cold-rolled industrial pure titanium plate heat exchanger for 127, 276 and 345 Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni pure titanium tube heat exchanger is built by TA1 titanium plate, compared with tubular heat exchanger has many advantages, has very strong competitive power in the market, mainly used in chemical, petroleum, marine, seawater desalination and heat exchange system.

Plate heat exchanger has the following unique features in design:

(1) High efficiency and energy saving: the heat transfer coefficient is 3000~4500 kcal/m2, h, 3~5 times higher than that of shell and tube heat exchangers.

(2) Compact plate heat exchanger precision alignment: compared with other types of heat exchanger, plate type titanium frame and what are the features of heat exchanger area and occupies less space for the same heat exchanger area only for shell and tube heat exchanger 1/5.

(3) To facilitate disassembly cleaning: heat exchanger by bolt clamping clamping plate plate clamping, thus facilitate disassembly, any time can be opened for cleaning at the same time, because the surface finish, turbulence is deep, not easy to scale.

(4) Do not collect liquid, the plate heat exchanger sealing tank is equipped with liquid drain, all kinds of media will not collude, even if leakage occurs, the medium is always discharged outward.

(5) Long life: plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel or titanium alloy plate pressing, resistant to all kinds of corrosive media, the rubber pad can be changed and can facilitate the heart, the disassembly and the maintenance.

(6) Adaptability: plate heat exchanger plate for independent components, according to the requirements of the heart flow process, the situation is diverse; can be applied to a variety of different process requirements.

The basic structure of titanium plate heat exchanger: titanium heat exchanger is mainly composed of a frame and titanium plate mostly constitute the production model of different forms of sheet made from a variety of materials forming individual shaped corrugated plate, and in the 4 corners on the opening angle of hole, hole and corner for peripheral channel in the medium plate with a rubber gasket to be sealed by the fixed frame pressing plate, a pressing plate, on the activities under the guide rod and the clamping bolt is composed of plate heat exchanger is the plate in superposition situation arranged on the middle fixed plate, work pressure plate, and then the clamping bolt clamping.

The MSF unit is the largest production volume, to 36000 t/d, installed in Italy titanium plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat transfer equipment, compact structure, low temperature sterilization for the 1880s first as a continuous development of music, to the beginning of 1920s in the food industry because there are some peculiar, titanium plate heat exchanger in building and application result, current heat exchanger has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial products category, become very competitive in the heat exchanger family in my state from 1960s began production of plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger until now in many areas in China have won the application of titanium titanium alloy is widely and metallic materials a recent promising, titanium heat exchanger production with corrosion resistance Of good, high heat transfer efficiency, the appearance of smooth furring layer, low density, high strength, small equipment volume and quality and other characteristics, widely used in aviation, space research, marine engineering, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, medical health, food processing, instrument etc.

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