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Why do we use titanium as bike frame, what’s the advantage of titanium?

Jun 06, 2016

Titanium material does not break, will not rust, in any atmospheric environment will not be corroded. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion, do not even need any paint treatment, we just gently rub the surface to brighten its natural qualities, and Titanium color is more able to reflect the metal low-key luxury texture. For the production of bicycle frame, in a large number of metal materials, titanium plate manufacturers to analyze the titanium material, the unique properties of titanium materials make it an excellent material for the production of bicycle frame, its high strength, low density, low elastic modulus (Elastic modulus can be regarded as an indicator of the degree of elastic deformation of the material), excellent resistance to fatigue and corrosion resistance, so that the titanium alloy frame is not only very durable, and very light. So it is an excellent material for making the frame!

Titanium plate manufacturers


Titanium like steel also has an inherent flexibility, but this feature is more obvious titanium. Therefore, it has a very slight elasticity, which means that it can absorb the vibration from the road before it is delivered to the driver. (Titanium seats can also eliminate some of the shock.) Therefore, you will have a very smooth ride feeling, even if you are in the asphalt on the road. A recent commentary suggests that the smooth feeling of riding a bike can be comparable to driving a Rolls-Royce. Unlike aluminum or carbon bike frames, Titanium bike frames do not break suddenly in the accident. This is because, like steel, it will have some flexibility, (in fact, titanium is more flexible than steel, which is why its riding quality is so famous for the reason.) More like steel, it has incredible Strength; but it is much lighter than steel, not rusty.


Advantages of titanium alloy frame:

1, as a high strength and plastic material composition, titanium has a unique riding quality. It is not only durable, but also to prevent energy loss, its flexibility and can reduce the vibration from the road, so long-distance ride has become very comfortable.

2, titanium is one of the safest and environmentally friendly metal materials. The titanium waste produced in the production is completely recyclable.

3, titanium has a strong anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance, its service life than other metals are long, which makes it the world's most suitable for making the bike frame material. Do you know what other non-titanium frame in the world can provide you with a lifetime guarantee?

4, titanium metal has a good resistance to wear and can be repaired. Some other material of the frame in some transport or competition caused by the impact will seriously affect the service life of the frame, and even cause the frame scrapped.

5, titanium with excellent strength and weight ratio and hardness weight ratio.


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