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Common Corrosion Forms Of Titanium Alloys

Apr 10, 2015

Titanium alloys are alloys based on titanium and other elements. Titanium alloy has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and good technological properties. It is an ideal structural material for aerospace engineering. In the actual production environment, there will be different kinds of corrosion, mainly in the following categories:

1. crevice corrosion

Metal components in the gap or defect, because of electrolyte stagnation caused by electrochemical cell constitute local corrosion phenomenon in neutral and acidic solution, alkaline solution is far greater than the probability of contact corrosion occurred in titanium alloy crevice, contact corrosion does not occur in the gap, but eventually lead to partial perforation failure.

2. pitting corrosion

No pitting in the majority of salt solution, it occurred in non aqueous solution and high concentration of chloride in boiling, the passivation film on the surface of the titanium halide ions in solution of corrosion, and pitting and titanium diffusion, pore size is less than the depth of pitting. Some organic medium will and titanium alloy pitting occurred in halogen solution, pitting corrosion of titanium alloy in halogen in solution generally occurs in high concentration and high temperature environment, in addition, the sulfide and chloride corrosion requires specific conditions and co..

3. hydrogen embrittlement

Also known as hydrogen embrittlement cracking or hydrogen damage induced by hydrogen, is one of the reasons of early damage of titanium alloy, titanium and its passivation film on the surface of titanium alloy with high strength, increased the hydrogen embrittlement sensitive with the strength increases, so the passivation film is sensitive to hydrogen embrittlement.

4. contact corrosion

The passivation film on the surface of titanium promotes the potential of titanium to shift to positive potential, and improves the acid resistance and corrosion of water medium. Because of the higher surface potential of titanium alloy, it is bound to cause electrochemical contact with other metals to cause contact corrosion.

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