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The principle and application of titanium rod filter

Aug 08, 2014

The working principle of titanium rod filter: titanium rod filter is used, 304 316L stainless steel material as the shell, titanium tube as the internal filter; with high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali, and excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium rod filter in the filter has a very important characteristics that can be recycled. The filter is adopted in powder metallurgy, titanium metal powder through hollow pipe made of high temperature sintering processing method. It is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, liquid solid separation, in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for large infusion and injection production line of decarburization filtration. The titanium rod filter is made of titanium powder sintered filter core, which is usually used for rough filtration or intermediate filtration. Therefore, the filter element has the advantages of high accuracy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and also conforms to the GMP standard.   In addition, the connection of pipe fittings adopts international standard quick installation connection, and disassembly and assembly is easy to clean. Therefore, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Titanium rod filter selection principle: titanium rod filter is a high quality and efficient filtration equipment, but, But the type of filter will directly affect the effect of filtration. Therefore, in practical applications, we must choose the right filter.

What are the principles of the selection of titanium rod filters?

1. Inlet and outlet diameter: In principle, the inlet and outlet path of the filter shall not be smaller than the inlet diameter of the matched pump, which is in conformity with the caliber of the inlet pipe.

2. Nominal pressure: The filter pressure rating is generally determined according to the maximum pressure that may occur in the filter line.

3. Selection of filtration accuracy: The filtration accuracy is mainly determined by the medium, process and process requirements, by considering the particle size of the impurity to be intercepted.

4. The material of filter: The material of the filter is generally chosen to be the same as that of the connecting process pipe. For different service conditions, the filter of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel can be considered. So we have to choose the right filter equipment to receive the desired filtering effect. It is suggested that if two stage filtration is used, the first stage should be 3 core 3um titanium rod without residual liquid filter, and the second stage shall be 3 core 1um titanium rod without residual liquid filter; On the contrary, if the primary filter is used, the filter shall be 5 core 1um titanium rod without residual liquid filter. Therefore, we suggest that pharmaceutical companies can use two stage titanium rod no residue liquid filter, the first stage uses 3um titanium rod to intercept larger carbon particles, and the second stage uses 1um titanium rods. Thus, more than 99.5% of activated carbon particles can be effectively intercepted by two stage filtration. 

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