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Pure titanium wire

Feb 03, 2014

1. Introduction

Pure titanium wire is a collectively pure titanium wire, titanium sponge titanium smelting production by rotary forging ingot, titanium ingot production of large diameter titanium rod, a titanium material in a filamentous mold stretch through multi-channel production; the parent material in the industry generally greater than 5.5mm in diameter called titanium rod, diameter of less than 5.5mm called titanium wire, less than 1.0mm in diameter called micro titanium wire, titanium wire cost of ultrafine diameter less than 0.1mm.


2. Pure titanium wire most commonly used grades: TA0, TA1, TA2, GR1, GR2


3. Kinds of pure titanium wire

(1)Use: pure titanium wire can be divided into titanium wire, pure titanium wire, titanium wire hanger, medical titanium wire.

(2)Titanium welding wire is a special welding wire used for welding reaction kettle, titanium, storage acid or alkaline material, titanium tank and titanium equipment.


4. Attentions for the use of titanium welding wire:

1. Construction personnel and welders shall wear clean white and fine gauze gloves

2. The welding area is forbidden to touch and touch iron objects by hand.

3. Welding work as much as possible in the indoor environment, the wind speed should be less than or equal to 0.5m/s, avoid Chuantangfeng effect.

4. Welding should be as short as possible using short arc welding, using a small welding heat input, nozzle and weldment to maintain an angle of 70~80 degrees.

5. The welding clearance of the nozzle is usually about 0.5mm.

6. Each weld should be finished as soon as possible, welding must be welded, welding should be cleaned before the interface, welding lap length of 10 ~ 15mm.

7. Welding, welding torch should not swing left and right, welding wire melting end shall not move out of the gas protection zone.

8. The welding arc should be aspirated, arc can not immediately lift the torch, gas supply should be delayed until the temperature dropped to 250 degrees Celsius.

9. The distance between the gas shield and the welding torch should be the shortest, and the clearance to the pipe wall shall be the least. In the process of butt welding, in order to meet the requirements of one side welding double sided forming, the welding can be carried out two times: one is the bottom sealing welding and the other one is forming welding. In multi layer welding, the next bead must be welded before the first bead has been completely cooled.

5. Industrial pure titanium wire is made of titanium wire mesh, titanium electrode, raw material heating, woven with 0.1mm-5.5mm pure titanium wire titanium mesh is used to filter the chemical liquid, filtering accuracy of 50 m to 50mm; pure titanium wire made of titanium anode coated ruthenium iridium ion membrane after manufacturing application of electrolyzer anode, electrolytic production of pure saline strong sodium oxide in the chlor alkali industry; pure titanium wire is also used to control wire manufacturing electronic cigarette.

According to the surface of pure titanium wire can be divided into light titanium wire, titanium wire, black white Taisi.

Bright titanium wire is produced by drawing die. The surface is bright and has metallic luster. The surface is free of impurities. Because of difficult processing and low production efficiency, the price of bright titanium wire is usually more expensive.

Because the titanium hardening quickly and easily adhesion of wire drawing die, lubrication coating on the surface of graphite wire drawing, annealing without other treatment, showed the surface of graphite drawing color - black, known as black titanium wire, titanium wire drawing graphite surface together through die extension deformation, a combination of both very close, and the application in chemical water, graphite can protect the titanium substrate effect, greatly prolongs the service life of titanium wire.

White is black Taisi titanium wire after pickling production, for the removal of black titanium wire surface impurities, to prevent contamination of solution. In the production process of titanium wire will absorb large amounts of hydrogen, hydrogen in titanium can we know to play the role of reinforcement, but trace hydrogen can have a serious impact on the titanium wire structure known as hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, titanium wire has strong corrosion resistance by pickling process and material impact which leads to mechanical properties of titanium wire decreases sharply, to restore the titanium wire for pickling loss of ductility and tensile strength must be carried out on the vacuum annealing.

6. Shape

Pure titanium wire is made by drawing titanium metal and has general metallic properties, such as electrical conductivity, gloss and ductility. Titanium can be made into round, trapezoid and other shapes by utilizing the ductility of titanium. The round pure titanium wire is made of a variety of woven titanium nets, and the trapezoidal wire is used to fuse and weld sea water titanium filter elements.

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