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The Application of titanium electrode in electrochemical reaction

May 29, 2015

The quality of the water dispenser is directly affected by the metal electrode. How to choose the electrode should be selected reasonably according to the nature of the work. The titanium electrode is the key component of the electrolytic water machine. In the field of water treatment, metal electrode must have the following basic requirements:

1. titanium has good electrical conductivity.

2. titanium metal corrosion resistance is excellent.

3. The mechanical strength and processability of titanium are good.

4. Titanium has a long working life.

5. Titanium has good electrocatalytic activity.

The field of water treatment especially electrolysis of water, such as the formation of acid and alkali ion water, process water are strong oxidizing substance, such as O3H2O2HCLO, while the anode and often reversing, so we must use special functional electrode.This kind of electrode is a pure titanium substrate. It is coated with platinum group noble metal oxide with high electrocatalytic activity, strong oxidation resistance and good conductivity. It is insoluble anode. The characteristics of the anode include three points as following:

1. titanium has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and good performance, especially anti wet chlorine performance is unmatched by other metal materials such as: water electrolysis with trace amount of chloride, stainless steel plate will occur soon pitting, shorten the life of the electrode, while the titanium does not exist these problems.

2. Due to the inclusion of platinum noble metals in the coating, the utility model has the advantages of high current efficiency, good conductivity, good electrocatalytic performance, strong oxidation resistance, long service life and energy saving.

3. titanium has very good reverse polarity. The electrode surface region is accompanied by a charge transfer associated with heterogeneous catalytic reactions in an electrochemical reaction. The reaction is analogous to a chemical catalysis. In a certain electrolyte, at the same overpotential, the rate of electrode reaction and the type of reaction vary with the substrate material, which is collectively referred to as electrocatalysis in electrochemistry. In electrocatalytic reaction, as an electrocatalyst, different electrode materials can change the electrochemical reaction rate in order of magnitude. Therefore, the selection of appropriate electrode materials is an effective way to improve the electrochemical catalytic reaction efficiency. Non biochemical degradation of organic matter can be converted into biodegradable organic compounds. The rate of electrochemical conversion of organic compounds is generally slow, and the electrochemical method has a good effect on the treatment of recalcitrant organic compounds. Therefore, increasing the overpotential of electrode, increasing the surface area of electrode, selecting excellent electrode material and improving electrode structure are used to improve the electrode surface. Multi component electrodes are also important in a research area.

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