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Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire

Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire

β titanium alloy have higher demands on production technology than Pure titanium,it has much better Strength,Fatigue performance and Corrosion Resistance than other Titanium and Titanium Alloy.
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Product Details

Why Choose TSM Ti 15333 Wire?

Rich experience:

Our company had good reputation with customers from American, Europe, North America, Russia and so on. We also have a excellent team for sale and quality control.

Good service:

As a leading professional exporter, TSM target is to serve worldwide clients with high proformance products, great reliability, professional services and honorable credibility to meet customers' requirements. 

Offering skillful after-sale-service, specialists are available for all clients at 7*24 hours every week. 

Most competitive price:

High proformance goods with the most competitve price to enlarge business in your local. 

Advantage of Titanium

High Strength

Titanium strength ratio is better than other metals, components with high strength, good rigity, less weight can be made out of titanium.

Corrosion Ressistance

Compared with stainless steel, titanium alloy’s corrosion is better in moisture laden air, titanium greatly resists spot corrosion, acis corrosion and stress corrosion

High-Temperature Ressistance

Titanium can work in 450-500 for a long time, titanium alloy still prossesses high strength when working in 150-500℃

Good Thermal Conductivity

Titanium is non-magnetic metal, it can not be magbetized in large magnetic field, also titanium is toxic-free and compatibility with blood, there titanium is allpied in medical field

Products Details

Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire

Introduction of Beta Titanium Ti15333

β titanium alloy have higher demands on production technology than Pure titanium,it has much better Strength,

Fatigue performance and Corrosion Resistance than other Titanium and Titanium Alloy.

It has good shape plasticity and own solid status,it has lower elasticity modulus(about 80GPa),but a little higher than Ti-Ni alloy(about 60GPa). 

Also it has High elastic restoring force,lower hardness,it is decided that it is easy formed and bent to all kinds of shape on basic of not getting cracked.

The titanium eyeglass frame which made from β titanium have good elasticity and memorability and compensate the elasticity short of pure titanium eyeglass frame and leg.

Easy machining and easy welding decided that it is can be used for making more and more kinds of  titanium eyeglass frames.

Now β titanium eyeglass frames is getting more and more popular in Europe and America as a kind of middle and top grade titanium eyeglass frames.

Chemical Elements

Ti 15333: Ti-15V-3Al-3Gr-3Sn

Production Prodecure

Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire

TSM Transportation

1.For the sample order: we also use International Express freight: Such as: DHL, TNT, EMS, UPS and so on.

2.If your quantity is large, we will consider the Air or Sea Transport, all the detail terms we will discuss in the Contract.

Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire

TSM Equipment 

Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire


TSM as a famous brand in China, our company has quality and have obtained authority certificates.

Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire


Beta Ti15333 Titanium Wire

INTRESTED?  Please send us your inquiry to  info@tsm-titanium.com.

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