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Three major functions of titanium

Aug 16, 2018

Three major functions of titanium

Functional materials are engineering materials based on physical properties, that is, materials with special properties in electrical, magnetic, acoustic, optical, thermal, etc., or materials that exhibit special functions under their action. Studies on titanium and titanium alloys have found that they have three special functions for application.

1. memory function 

Titanium-nickel alloy has a one-way, two-term and all-round memory at a certain ambient temperature and is considered to be the best memory alloy. In the engineering, the pipe joint is used for the hydraulic system of the fighter; the oil pipeline system of the oil joint enterprise; the medical treatment for the treatment; the support screw for the fracture healing, etc., all have obtained obvious effects.


2. Superconducting function

Niobium-titanium alloy exhibits a superconducting function of electrical resistance when Wendy is below the critical temperature.

3. Hydrogen storage function

Titanium-iron alloy has the characteristics of hydrogen absorption, so that a large amount of it can be safely stored, and hydrogen can be released in a certain environment. This is promising for hydrogen separation, hydrogen purification, hydrogen storage and transportation, and the manufacture of heat pumps and batteries that use hydrogen as an energy source.

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