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Laser repair welding technology of titanium alloy

Jan 30, 2017

At present, many metal products are used instead of titanium alloy, but the welding repair period, still depends on the laser equipment, titanium alloy material for strength and corrosion resistance than other materials are high technology instead of other industries, especially the application of high technology, such as engine, parts and other products for external use the structure, not only reduces the weight of the product itself, but also improve the quality and safety of the machine, in order to fully applied in the production process, often require the use of many facilities such as welding repair on collocation, need to adopt laser welding machine for welding repair, marking laser machine can also be used as the main equipment, therefore, material with the laser equipment of titanium alloy is close mutual interconnection.


By using the laser treated titanium alloy welding machine welding from large to craft products, can be used to achieve efficient fixture installation, production, precision products in extent regardless of the complexity of the structure of the degree are not subject to operational constraints of laser welding machine, used for a variety of shapes can be efficient, there are also other high performance fast fusion the equipment can be compared in terms of quality, more than the traditional equipment application level, application so fast and efficient from the repair welding cycle can be shortened so far, the cost is saved, the matching is more cost-effective.


The welding performance and titanium alloy machine with the analysis from the laser, for large device repair using laser technology can often avoid the traditional manufacturing technology of large size equipment and raw materials for the demanding requirements of complex cavity structures, therefore can be smoothly done or easily solved laser technology in welding, titanium alloy material from cost and material is the only choice.


Titanium alloy material often used in mechanical parts, therefore, repairing and welding position more, from the defects of technology and equipment, to different parts of the defects, cracks and the size of the cause of the problem, has seriously affected the progress of product development. But as repair technology of laser welding technology based on relative to conventional remediation techniques, with high performance restoration, Accessibility equipment, small restrictions and repair cycle is short, the comprehensive cost low characteristic parts size, suitable for titanium alloy and other expensive parts repair, can maximally save conventional technology can not repair parts (including the operation of aircraft parts), which provides a new efficient way to solve the high-tech development and use of process defects, parts damage, corrosion, application of laser repair technology in China has a small scale, to ensure that the use of advanced engineering applications and parts, laser welding and repair of full size static and fatigue test, to fit the standard as the basis for compliance verification, to ensure safe and reliable use in various industries; laser welding The internal mechanism of deepening the study of machine repair, including the control of forming and heat treatment process, and organizational performance, stress distribution and elimination, suppression of basic research such as deformation and fracture; laser welding and evaluation research of the quality of repair, establish complete technical documentation system, including the manufacturing standards and test standards; laser welding repair and manufacturing technology research the development and application of engineering equipment, improve the forming stability, improve the real-time detection means, to achieve precision (size and shape) and the best matching rate.


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