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US Customer Ronald Visited TSM For Further Discuss Of Titanium Metal Card

Jan 12, 2017

As is known to all, titanium is a non-conductive material, It is a kind of intelligent metal. It is a kind of affinity metal, and it is a noble metal.


More and more customers pay attention on the titanium to reform and innovation of their products.


Rolad as a big Metal Card supplier owner,paid more attention to this field.Not excepting him,his domain of concentration including bank cards, gift cards, access control cards, luxury pendants and so on.


It require huge quantity and high surface treatment,like Titanium mirror furface,Titanium Wire drawing surface,Titanium anodize oxidation and coating.


After discussing,he proved our produce line and confirmed our technology,and give us big orders at that time,I think it is just a beginning of our titanium card,he promised to give us 500,000pcs orders per month.


It was a very pleasant negotiation,after that we guide him to some big dinner and places of interests,and he enjoyed this business trip very much.

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