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The Performance Of Medical Titanium In Stomatology

Nov 20, 2012

Titanium is known as the "magic metal", widely used in aerospace, machinery, electric power, medical and other fields, because the titanium and human contact sensitization, carcinogenic, mutagenic phenomenon, can be combined with bone tissue, epithelial and connective tissue, so it is the most biocompatible metal and called "Most people praised metal affinity". Medical titanium is the most widely used metal in modern medicine, accounting for more than 80%. Medical pure titanium has also achieved good results in the field of oral denture manufacturing.


Titanium has good physical and chemical properties as follows:


1. Corrosion resistance

Pure titanium surface passivation film has very strong acid fast corrosion resistance, so pure titanium denture is not easy to corrosion.

2. Small density.

Pure titanium denture is much lighter than other denture made of other materials. The same volume of steel support, its weight less than ordinary cobalt chromium alloy half, can greatly reduce the burden of oral soft tissue.

3. Low thermal conductivity

Pure titanium porcelain teeth can effectively protect dental pulp tissue from the outside hot and cold acid stimulation.

4. Small line shrinkage rate

The line shrinkage rate is 1.75%, has excellent suitability, casting precision is high. Therefore, pure titanium porcelain tooth edge density is high, it can effectively prevent porcelain crown abutment secondary caries.

5. X ray is half resistance type

X ray can check the titanium crown in the tooth tissue, so in the case of no broken crown can diagnose the health of teeth, in addition, pure titanium porcelain teeth will not affect the head CT examination;

6. Nonmagnetic

It is very important that pure titanium series denture can not be magnetized in the magnetic field. Pure titanium porcelain teeth and all ceramic teeth are the only two kinds of fixed restorations that will not affect the head MRI examination.

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