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Technology And Application Prospect Of The Titanium Steel Composite Plate

Mar 04, 2014

Titanium was discovered in the last century, the content of titanium in the crust is extremely rich, because of its low density, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low temperature and good performance characteristics, as a new type of metal structure is widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, building and the daily necessities of life, the demand, application field and scope of titanium will also expand increasingly, and its known as the "third metal" and" strategic metal ", with the strong growth of China's national economy, the scope of application of titanium will also continue to expand.

In recent years, metal composite plates made of titanium have become more and more popular with their customers for their economical price and excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. The application field is expanding rapidly, in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, salt and other industries has been widely used, fully compensate for disadvantage of titanium in price, opened up a new world for the application of titanium and titanium composite material.

1. Application of clad steel composite board in the field of power plant

In recent years, China's electric power construction has been rapid development, with the enhancement of national standard of environmental protection and the improvement of the public awareness of the environment, the new thermal power plant project requirements for flue gas desulfurization treatment, wet flue gas desulfurization system has become the focus of environmental protection in the field of national "fifteen" plan. The current implementation of the new national environmental regulations, new coal-fired power plant project must install flue gas desulphurization facilities at the same time, the use of thin layer of titanium clad steel plate in the field of power plant chimney, provides new ideas and experiences for anticorrosion design of power plant chimney, and achieved tremendous economic benefits.

2. Economic comparison of inner cylinder structure between steel and brick

The chimney corrosion is an important engineering design and manufacturing facilities of thermal power plant, the design data of foreign chimney, FGD chimney the structure form the sleeve type and multiple form, and the steel tube multiple tube chimney, brick in multiple cylinder structure.

For the steel tube structure in wet flue gas desulfurization under the condition of international industrial chimney Association released its "Model Code For Standard Specification for steel chimney Steel Chimneys" proposed in the medial adding a very thin layer of titanium alloy sheet or plate of corrosion by ordinary carbon steel plate. The brick tube material, the bearing structure system, and put forward the high requirements of brick and mortar, which must be clinker and potassium silicate acid acid clay masonry special, generally divided into two layers of staggered arrangement, and a sealing layer. Comparing the above two structures, it can be found that the material of the steel inner cylinder has good impermeability and sealing property, good corrosion resistance and high cost. Long life, while brick cylinder material one-time investment is less, but corrosion resistance, impermeability, structural properties are less than steel cylinder, short life, annual maintenance costs are very high.

3. The advantages of the titanium steel composite materials in power plant

A. the price is low, the titanium clad plate only equivalent to the price of pure titanium 1/5 ~ 1/10

B. The utility model reduces the equipment manufacturing cost, prolongs the service life, and saves the precious metals

C. improved the comprehensive properties of the material and solved the problem of strength

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