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Development Status Of Titanium In Bicycle Industry

Mar 18, 2015

1. Titanium bicycle frame

When more and more cyclists began to understand the benefits of titanium, but they are short of money, and they usually use air quality pipe production Ti-3Al-2.5V to make bicycle frame, each pair of prices between 1600 and 3500 dollars, so, the bicycle price is from $2400 to $6000. In the past four years, the frames used industrial pure titanium tubes and non aeronautical titanium alloy  have become popular. Some sports grade titanium frames retail at a minimum price is $1000 per pair, and the lowest price for bicycles is $1700.

2. Titanium bicycle parts

A bicycle component is a crankshaft positioner, foot pedal, handle bar and so on that are connected to a frame. The titanium parts industry has developed so fast that most of the parts are made of Ti-6AI-4V, and most of the parts are machined out of bars or sheets.

3. Wheelchairs, frames and components

The wheelchair market is different in many ways from the bicycle market. The most important difference is that only a small amount of titanium wheelchair frame production, mostly by a seam of industrial pure titanium pipe production. Compared with the cheaper aluminum wheelchair, the titanium wheelchair has less advantages. Now, apart from titanium screws and bolts, titanium wheelchair parts industry has not yet formed, although there is a market, but very small, only including a small number of consumer components.

4. Material requirements

Compact, stiffness and light weight are the general requirements for bicycles and wheelchairs for driving specifications. Titanium is often not the best material, while wrought aluminium and cast aluminium are more popular. If the price of titanium matrix composites is lowered, it could become a replacement for some aluminium application markets.

Ti-3Al-2.5V is the most commonly used titanium alloy for bicycles. Although it is developed for the aircraft hydraulic system, it is in line with the bicycle market performance standards due to its formability and corrosion resistance.

Therefore, compared with other titanium alloys, the biggest advantage of Ti-3Al-2.5V is the yield strength and the easy forming of the tube. The disadvantage is that the ratio of the price and modulus to density is bad. Ti-6AI-4V also has a certain attraction, it is higher than Ti-3Al-2.5V in strength, but it is difficult to process small diameter tubing like a bicycle frame. Ti-15V-3Al one 6Cr-4Mo-4Zr is also easy to shape.


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