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Titanium clad steel plate and steel composite board

Sep 21, 2017

Titanium is a new type of metal, with a small proportion, high strength, corrosion resistance and good high and low temperature performance and many other excellent properties, is the aerospace, marine, chemical, power and metallurgy important structural materials.


In order to save resources and reduce the cost of titanium, as well as the promotion of the new metal composites in civil industry, iron and steel composite plate came into being. The application of titanium clad steel plate has more and more in the petroleum and chemical pressure vessel. The use of this structural material not only reduces the cost of the equipment in multiples, but also overcomes many shortcomings of the single titanium equipment and the titanium lining structure applied in this field. The equipment made of titanium and a titanium lining corrosion resistant steel composite plate, high strength steel outer layer; two layer together with good thermal conductivity, and the ability to overcome the thermal stress, thermal fatigue, pressure difference and other load resistance, can work in harsh conditions. Therefore, the titanium clad plate has become the modern chemical industry and pressure vessel industry indispensable metal composite structure.


Because titanium and iron produce many intermetallic compounds at high temperature, the two metal materials can not be welded directly by conventional melting welding method. This makes the titanium steel composite plate production is difficult.


Explosive welding products of titanium steel in chemical equipment soil are mainly used in the manufacture of terephthalic acid, acetaldehyde and acetic acid reaction equipment, seawater heat exchangers and pollution prevention devices. Examples of dissimilar metal joints used in conductive parts include: the anode of a thin titanium plate in aluminum, the anode used in aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, and bimetallic, used in an electric meter device, and a cold rolled titanium, a nickel, a bimetal, a cold rolled sheet, a joint, etc.. Titanium, copper and titanium to aluminum composite pipes, rods, etc., which have good corrosion resistance and good I conductivity, can be used to make electrodes for electroplating. In the cryogenic apparatus, a multilayer composite plate, such as an aluminum alloy, a pure aluminum, a titanium, a nickel and a stainless steel composite plate, is used instead of a flange. Titanium is used as the interlayer. In addition, titanium composite plate tube (used for heat exchanger), copper titanium composite pipe (copper modified ductility), ultra-thin titanium composite pipe (electrolytic tank) and large area composite board are widely used.


With the development of chemical industry and the large scale and diversification of complete sets of equipment, the requirements for materials used are becoming higher and higher. Iron materials show excellent corrosion resistance in chemical fiber raw materials, urea and electrolytic equipment. Therefore, titanium is used more and more widely. In order to reduce the consumption and cost of titanium, the titanium composite plate can be made by explosion method. Most of these composite panels are now manufactured by this method. Compared with other methods, the method has the advantages of large area and stable quality. But no matter what approach, it is almost inevitable that a wide layer of intermediate compound is formed at the interface. Of course, as a whole, the titanium steel explosion composite board is a very superior choice.


In recent years, titanium steel explosive welding products are used in aviation, aerospace, electrical, electroplating and medical industry, titanium tube, iron plate, iron lining or explosive clad plate in chemical equipment manufacturing has been widely used.

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