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The trend of application on titanium

Nov 24, 2014

The overall application of titanium is that oil, chemical, aerospace, ships and other explosive growth will enter, and aerospace continues to stimulate the lead, the automotive sector titanium can become a new growth point. China's sponge titanium in 2013 was 80 thousand tons, and in 2020 the demand forecast was 200 thousand tons. In our opinion, the utilization of titanium alloys will mark the revolution of Chinese structural materials, of course, and its power is also very strong. It belongs to the fourth generation alloy. China's export of titanium sponge is not the direction, leaving the pollution to yourself, consuming energy and selling abroad, this is not the direction. Chinese titanium alloys are mainly exported to low-end every year, so it is necessary to reduce low-end exports and expand the high-end applications of titanium alloys.


Titanium alloy is mainly used in chemical industry, accounting for 55%, titanium alloy industry, China's sponge titanium production capacity accounted for 42% of the world, titanium processing materials accounted for 33%, ranking first in the world, the speed increased rapidly. The scale of the titanium industry expanded rapidly, production capacity increased rapidly, the production capacity of sponge titanium was close to 150 thousand tons, and the output was only 81 thousand tons. Titanium ingot, our capacity is about 100 thousand, nearly 65 thousand tons last year, so some high-end products rely on imported titanium alloy. Core components and other deep-processing products also rely on foreign imports.


At present, the price of titanium is already available in copper alloy and high-grade stainless steel, especially corrosion resistant alloy. Now the copper alloy is 8 million tons, and the total consumption of corrosion resistant alloy reaches 200 thousand tons. How can we use 58 thousand tons of titanium material? Therefore, it is necessary to raise the utilization rate of titanium material in recent years. Corrosion resistant alloy prices are very high, now more and more annual corrosion, and by 2012, 1400 times, a total loss of about 2000000000 per year. In the chemical industry, shaft engineering materials, downhole tools, oil extraction trees, etc..


In recent years, the amount of titanium used in petrochemical industry has increased by 30% - 60%. In the field of marine and marine engineering, through the sea pipeline, the main fire pipe system, all titanium, high pressure air bottle, submarine, so the application trends in the ship and marine areas are promising.


In addition, mainly desalination, the target is expected in 2020 - 2030 to reach 3 million cubic meters per day desalination capacity, so the demand for titanium materials can be at least 1.6 - 32 thousand tons or more. Titanium alloy trends in automotive applications, including titanium alloy turbo structure, if each car uses a kilogram of titanium parts is about ten thousand tons. In other fields, there is still much room for use in the biological, medical, construction, weapons and armor industries. Titanium alloys can provide new materials, structural materials and properties, and contribute to the national economy. In addition, there are some new processes, 3D printing technology, hot isostatic titanium alloy, the domestic hot isostatic pressing technology is very mature, so combined with titanium powder. All kinds of powder, large castings or small and medium-sized castings, precision castings can go up, 3D printing is also an important direction.

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