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TSM Attend Kintex Korea Metal Week Seoul Booth NO.1C170   

The Korean metal Week exhibition is held annually and is considered the largest professional exhibition of the latest technology and products of the Korean metal industry and Asian Metal Industry. The exhibition covering the subject of Titanium fasteners, wire, pipe, pipe fittings, casting forging, stamping, molding and metal metallurgy, non-ferrous metal processing and other metal products, machinery parts, exhibition scale, large audience, significant turnover, have important influence in Asia and the world.

The main products that TSM exhibited are titanium & nickel pipe fittingstitanium flanges and processingparts, many dealers and distributors come and visited us,including the current stable dealers andsome potential customers.

23-25th  Oct. 2016


TSM in N1.png2017 Europe Titanium Expo hold in Amsterdam Kelasi wielopolski Hotel NH

The main products that TSM exhibited are titanium & nickel pipe fittings, flanges and processing

parts,many dealers and distributors come and visited us,including the current stable dealers and

some potential customers.

17-19th  May 2017


Attend EURO TITANIUM in Netherland.



TSM Titanium attend the Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2017

Where we met our titanium dealers,TSM titanium sole agent and also some famous company who have great interest in TSM and its excellent service heard from other local dealers.


After 3days visting,we got more gains hope that we can be there and meet you again in November 26-28, 2019

28-30th Nov.2017



Korea Metal Week 24th-27th Oct. 2017 

International Metal Industry Exhibition (also known as South Korea International Metal week KMW) originated in 1989, is a South Korean senior metal show hold by South Korean government, commerce, association and media circles, network resources. The exhibition is devoted to the exhibition related industries automotive, electronics, titanium metal parts processing and shipbuilding industry base the whole equipment, including the product. This is the best opportunity to display the latest technology and products to the constantly developing and changing Korean metal industry market. It is an exchange platform for professionals who are interested in opening export markets in Korea and even the whole world.

TSM Titanium exhibition.jpgTSM Attend Baoji 2017 Titanium And Zirconium Metal Annual Expo

Baoji Titanium ,Zirconium&Hafnium Conference including two part and four area, the domestic and foreign enterprises.

Titanium Valley display area, International product display area, New products and New technology exhibition area.

It is reported that the participating products include basic materials and products, aerospace titanium products used in various industries, titanium alloy materials and technology and products, production technology and equipment, materials and products of zirconium and hafnium.

24th Aug.2017


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