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Titanium Dining Suit |chopsticks, Spoon and fork Based on Titanium

Titanium Dining Suit |chopsticks, Spoon and fork Based on Titanium

The titanium dining suit is made of titanium, which is used in eating meal.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction of titanium dining suit

The titanium dining suit is made of titanium, which is used in eating meal. Because it completely non-toxic, harmless, light, antibacterial, anti-virus and easy to clean. Titanium has excellent biocompatibility and is the best tableware material. 

Compared with other chopsticks, the alloy chopsticks have the advantages of high temperature, no deformation, easy cleaning, easy mildew, difficult to adsorb Escherichia coli, etc., and the utility model has the advantages of durability and corrosion resistance.

2. Classification of titanium dining suit

   Meal tool: chopsticks, spoon, fork, knife


3. Advantage of titanium bowl

  Never rust

  Light quality

  Not easily damaged

  Non allergic


4. Features of our titanium dining suit


   Excellent craftsmanship

   Beautiful appearance

   Competitive price


5. Application of titanium dining suit

   Widely used in dining table

   As a gift for friends and parents in festivals

   Go for a picnic


6. Appearance of titanium dining suit

  Be made of pure titanium with polishing

  Be made of pure titanium and blue and white porcelain

  Any drawing as you supply

7.Payment terms 

8.Shipping Methods




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