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Titanium Plate Coils

Titanium Plate Coils

Titanium plate coil are titanium cold rolling plate,with good surface can be used in many area. We have more than 30tons stock can support you get the order ASAP Water-jet or laser support you get any sizes you want Payment terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal or as required

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Product Details

Why Choose TSM titanium plate Coil?

Big Titanium Cold Rolling plate stock 

Variouty sizes for choose

Cold Rolling

Accepte Customerized Sizes

SGS,TUV,BV third party Cert.

Chemical components    



Mechanical Property

Grade2CP2T40BT1-03.7035TP340UNS R50400
Grade1CP1T35BT 1-003.7025TP270UNS R50250

Detail display:

Titanium Plate Coils

The sizes we have in stock:

Grade 10.50*12056968Grade 21.00*12501500
Grade 10.52*12002510Grade 21.20*10102000
Grade 10.52*1210640Grade 21.50*1230840
Grade 10.80*1240687Grade 22.00*12501055
Grade 10.80*10035950Grade 23.00*15001205
Grade 11.00*10035770Grade 23.00*12502100
Grade 11.20*12304350

Grade 11.20*1040450

Grade 11.5*12354300

Grade 11.5*1020805

Grade 12.00*12306962

Grade 12.00*15056408

Grade 12.00*12502718

Grade 13.0*10406065

Grade 130.0*10605134

Grade 13.0*12503421

Grade 13.0*12706350

Grade 13.0*15455460

Grade 12.5*10256470

Export Packing:

Choose requred coil《《《Cut to required sizes 《《《Straighten《《《Surface treatment《《《Packing

Titanium Plate Coils



Titanium Plate Coils

 About TSM

 In the last years,TSM have establish more than 32dealers in 23countries,hope you also will be one of them.Interest?please email at:postmaster@tsm-titanium.com.

Titanium Plate Coils


Full range of production machines make each of our production precess can be well guranteen.

Titanium Plate Coils


Many certificates we got in the last years,we never stop but will try our best to serve the market as much as possible.

     Titanium Plate Coils

Titanium Previous Exhibition

Where you can found TSM titanium,not only in our factory,but also the most famous Titanium Exhibitions all over the world.

Titanium Plate Coils

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