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Titanium Anode Plate

Titanium Anode Plate

TSM provide Gr1 titanium as substrate, MMO coated. Installed in chlorinators to make chlorine for pool disinfection. Delivery in 5-7 days. Payment terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal or as required.

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Product Details

Why Choose TSM Titanium Anode Plate?


Usually customized by your drawing or requirement.

titanium anode sheet plate for electrolysis

Specialized in Titanium Anode and Titanium Material more than 10 yeas.

Product description of Titanium Anode Plate


Item Name

MMO DSA Platinum Coated Titanium Plate Anode

Base material

Gr1/Gr2 titanium as substrate, platinum as coating

Dimension & shape

Plate/Tubular/Rod/Mesh shape

Different dimension is available or according to client's drawing  

Coating Thickness

0.5~5 micron


  Current density<2000A/M2


  Electrolyte:H2SO4 or HNO3, Neutral

  PH 0.1~14

  Max content of Fluoride ion is 200PPM

  Homogenous degree: >=85%

  Oxygen-liberated potential <=1.8V


· Insoluble and Stable in acid or alkali electrolyte

· High oxygen evoution voltage

· High current density bearing capacity

· Long lifetime

· Keep the operating voltage stable

· Small size & light weight


Application of Titanium Anode Plate

Electroplating Industries

a. Gold plating

b. Electro Dyalysis

c. Electrolytic Cells

d. Rhodium Plating

e. Sensing Elements

f. Electro galvanizing

g. Electro chlorination

h. Hard Chrome Plating

i. Waste water treatment

j. Precious Metal Recovery

Cathodic Protection Applications

a. Sea water intakes

b. Heat exchanger & Condensers

c. Jetties & Tanks

d. Water Heaters

Product display of Titanium Anode Plate

Titanium Anode Plate


Always in wooden case with metal frame to avoid any damage during the tranport.

Titanium Anode Plate


Saving your shipping cost and shipping time is always our first consideration and DDU services are always supported no matter which way for shipping.


Titanium Anode Plate

 About TSM

TSM Technology is one of Asian leading suppliers of high performance titanium metal base in China, specializing in mill products such as titanium sheet for around 20years. 

Titanium Anode Plate


Titanium Anode Plate



Titanium Anode Plate


Titanium Anode Plate

INTRESTED?  Please send us your inquiry to  info@tsm-titanium.com.

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