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Titanium Spinning Top

Titanium Spinning Top

Why a titanium Spinning Top? Bulk Raw Titanium Bars in stock High Precision Machining

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Titanium questions.jpgWhy a titanium Spinning Top from TSM Titanium?

                      Bulk Raw Titanium Bars in stock

                      High Precision Titanium alloy Machining

                      Alot of Titanium Spinning top experrices

                About Titanium Spinning Tops

                    It is believed that many people who have seen the space of inception have a deep impression on the gyro in the film.

                    Even director Christopher Nolan said, 

                   "I can't explain the totem at the end of the rotation. The most important emotional line in the film is that Leonardo's                           Cobb has been ignoring the reality, and he does not want to see the reality. I want the audience not to pay too much                       attention to the end and ignore the rest of the film. "

                   But, the Titanium Spinning Tops, still let us entangled, is it a dream or a reality?

                   Like many people, I also want to have a Titanium Spinning Tops, a dream - making Titanium Spinning Tops turn and                       turn.

Titanium Spinning Top

Titanium Spinning Top

Titanium Spinning Top

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