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Titanium Broach |used in Exploiting The Oil |titanium Broadheads

Titanium broach has been widely used in exploiting the oil.

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1. Introduction of titanium broach

Titanium broaches have been widely used in exploiting the oil. We could manufacture any shape of titanium broach, as long as you would provide us with the drawings. What's more, In order to make sure the parts is 100% qualified, we would test all the titanium parts. There are some broach that we could supply, such as:

Titanium broadheads

titanium Titanium valve

titanium spring

titanium conrods

Besides, we can produce the titanium productions you needed as per your drawing


2. Producing process of titanium broach

a. Checking the process, machine, and other details in the production line.

b. Riveting, welding or screw tap according to customer’s require.

c. Testing the parts by the image measurement instrument.

d. Processing the surface of parts.

e. Testing the parts, after finish surface treatment.


3. Application of titanium broach

The drilling is very important in the process of exploiting the oil. And the broach is very strict in the manufacturing.


4. The advantage of titanium broach

High hardness and toughness

Long operating life

The low surface friction coefficient and small rotational resistance

6.Payment terms 

7.Shipping Methods


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