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Why Choose Titanium To Make A Pot?

Jan 14, 2015

Titanium has a series of important characteristics, such as high melting point, small density, high strength and good biocompatibility. A thin layer of titanium oxide compound is produced on the surface of titanium. The chemical properties is very stable, even the "aqua" will not corrode.


The titanium pot does not react with the ingredients during cooking. So you can cook the original flavor of the ingredients, pure titanium pot is the only metal pot can be used to decoct Chinese medicine. In the United States and Japan, people call the "titanium pot" a delicious pot. The original delicacy is a healthy element. Titanium is widely used in many fields of space navigation, nuclear power, metallurgy, chemical industry, food and medical electronic sports, is an important strategic material, so it is called the third titanium metal, space metal, marine metal, biological metal.


China's traditional cooking stove is used for thousands of years, and its greatest design wisdom is its tightness. The pot is arranged in the boiler, the heat is gathered, the pot body is heated evenly and continuously, and the utility model has the advantages of energy saving and good heat insulation, and the modern family kitchen has fundamentally changed, and the heat source is more rapid and convenient. The application of titanium pot stove principle in the product, the three layer metal composite structure, the thermal conductivity of different metals, high strength, good insulation and antibacterial activity of different characteristics with better. The bottom and the pan body of the titanium pot are made of three layers of reinforced composite structure. Fast heat conduction, long storage temperature, uniform heating, strong and durable pot body, energy saving and time saving. "Love and delicacy", can not live up to the family to choose a good healthy pot, to love the people carefully prepared belong to the taste of love.

Titanium tableware usually has titanium chopsticks, titanium spoon, titanium fork, titanium bowl, titanium pot, titanium knives etc.

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