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What Are The Properties Of Titanium That Make It Suitable For Automotive Parts?

Sep 02, 2013

Titanium materials are used as a wide variety of automotive components, and their main advantages are as follows:

1. The density of titanium metal is low: as automobile parts, titanium partscan not only reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, but also reduce the inertia of the moving parts at high speed.

2. The specific strength of titanium is high: the strength of titanium is almost the highest in various metals, so titanium can be used to make load-bearing parts of automobiles.

3. The modulus of elasticity of titanium is small: the modulus of elasticity of titanium is only 50% of that of steel, and the fatigue strength of titanium is so great that titanium is suitable for making titanium springs of automobiles.

4. Titanium has excellent heat resistance: titanium can work for a long period of time at 200-650 degree, so titanium is suitable for high temperature parts of automobiles.

5. The coefficient of thermal expansion of titanium is small: the thermal expansion coefficient of titanium is 50% of that of non pound steel and aluminum, so titanium is suitable for automotive titanium engines, titanium valves and other titanium components.

6. Titanium has a good corrosion resistance: the corrosion resistance of titanium is superior to that of aluminum, magnesium and stainless steel, and titanium can resist atmospheric, rain, frost, road moisture and hydrogen sulfide, high temperature exhaust gas. Therefore, titanium is suitable for automobile exhaust nozzle and other parts.

7. Titanium has excellent frost resistance: titanium does not produce low temperature brittleness in an environment less than 100 degrees.

8. The formability of titanium metal is good: titanium can be made by stamping, hot forging, powder metallurgy, precision casting and other methods to make all kinds of automotive parts.

9. Titanium has good decorative properties: by the oxidation of the surface of the titanium metal, the surface of the titanium metal can form bright colors, which can be used as decorative materials.

Due to the many characteristics of titanium, titanium is very suitable for making all kinds of automotive parts.

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