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What Are The Characteristics Of Titanium Bars Produced By Extrusion?

May 20, 2013

There are many ways to produce titanium bars. The most common way is to produce titanium rods by kneading. What are the characteristics of titanium bars produced by kneading methods compared to the titanium bars produced by other methods?

1. The shape of the titanium tube produced by kneading can be very messy, However, the titanium tubes in the rough section can not be produced by rolling method.

2. There is great flexibility in the use of kneading methods to produce titanium bars. They can be produced with different shapes and sizes by replacing them, Therefore, the kneading method is especially suitable for the processing of small batch of titanium bars.

3. In the kneading process, the metal in three to compressive stress, so titanium can not only carry forward the maximum plasticity, can also eliminate titanium tube internal defects, thus we can use the centrifugal casting titanium rods and continuous casting billet.

4. Compared with the method of tube rolling and kneading method can not make continuous production of titanium rod, and titanium rod production rate and yield rate is low, in addition, titanium raw material consumption and high production costs, most importantly, the use of kneading method for producing titanium rod when the temperature is high, so the appearance quality and precision scale it is difficult to control.

5.  In summary, the use of kneading production method of pipe, pipe number required is very small, mainly for the production of various high alloy, low plasticity and difficult to deformation of the titanium rod, such as titanium alloy rod and special alloy titanium rod, and ceramic metal, hard alloy, powder and double metal composite pipe.

The tube billet heating before reaming is carried out in two steps. First, the tube billets need to be preheated to 800~850 degrees in the ring furnace, and then, the tube blank needs to be heated to the standard temperature 1150~1200 degrees by the induction furnace. The heating rate is slower because the titanium alloy rod has poor thermal conductivity. The use of power frequency heating is the use of heating speed, it can minimize surface oxidation. On the one hand, this method is beneficial to the smooth process of reaming and kneading, on the other hand, it is beneficial to improve the quality of the appearance of titanium bars.


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