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TSM Attend Europe Titanium Expo In Netherland.

May 17, 2017

2017 Europe Titanium Expo hold in Amsterdam Kelasi wielopolski Hotel NH


The Exhibition is hold in Amsterdam Kelasi wielopolski Hotel NH,it is a open place for Titanium Receptions and Guests Speakers.


The Exhibitions aim to offer Titanium Technologies and products that are widely used in all walks of life:


Compressed air disks, high pressure vessels, blades, housings, supports, landing gear, ducts, doors, pull bars, etc used in aerospace industry;

Titanium products used in power industry such as condensers, condensers, pipe plates, cold oil pipes, turbine blades, etc.;

Used in the manufacture of pressure hull structure, buoyancy, sphere, propeller, propeller shaft, tube valve and other titanium material in ship industry;

Titanium teeth, heart valve, diaphragm, bracket, joints and fixed screws, titanium, titanium bone surgical instruments and other medical titanium products used in the medical industry; all kinds of titanium alloy decoration materials senior decoration used in the construction industry; titanium products used in metallurgy, machinery, automobile, textile and other weapons.


2.Titanium Alloy materials, such as high technology and products:

Titanium sponge preparation technology, corrosion resistance of titanium alloy, titanium alloy, high strength and high toughness titanium alloy, and titanium alloy powder metallurgy technology, titanium alloy, coating, special processing technology, titanium matrix composites, titanium welding technology, all kinds of technology of zirconium and hafnium;



3. Basic material products:

Titanium ore, sponge titanium, titanium powder, sheet material, bar material, wire material, cake material, ring material, pipe material, strip, foil material, capillary tube, zirconium, hafnium material, etc.


4. Production technology and equipment:

Mineral processing equipment, metallurgical equipment, smelting equipment, processing equipment, welding equipment, special processing forming equipment, heat treatment equipment, instrument and meter, etc.


The main products that TSM exhibited are titanium & nickel pipe fittings, flanges and processing

parts,many dealers and distributors come and visited us,including the current stable dealers and

some potential customers.


All vistors fully affirmed our process ability especially.

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