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Titanium Market Research From The Using Amount Of Aviation Field

Jan 15, 2014

From structure, the using amount for aviation industry in titanium occupied around half of the world's titanium, for industrial demand is reached to more than 40%, but the industrial application range is much wider, and the cycle of industry application is less than the aviation industry, so many foreign scholars believe that the demand for titanium industry which playing the most decisive role is the aviation industry, especially commercial aviation.


Historically, the every cycle of titanium industry is related to the aviation industry, Of the 19 major events that triggered the volatility of the titanium market on the price in terms of the past 40 years, it were caused by demand for 15 times, and 11 times among 15 times were caused by in commercial aviation demand.


The current round of recovery in the aviation industry will drive a substantial increase in demand for aviation titanium. First, the current round of aviation industry bring the increase of the using amount in titanium aircraft application, the performance of large-scale wide body units with high using of titanium aircraft test success (Boeing 787 and 747-8), the next two years is expected to enlarge the production, will significantly increase titanium demand in aviation aircraft. Secondly, we believe that the aviation industry to the inventory of titanium is near the end of the argument, there are two reasons: one despite the recent two years, a substantial decline in aviation orders, causing the demand for titanium down, but the global commercial aircraft delivery remains high, or even slightly , 2009 global aviation demand for titanium fell by nearly 30% or more, it is important because the aviation industry to inventory. Two global commercial aircraft orders fell sharply, has fallen back to the 2003-04 level near.

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