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Titanium Is Suitable For The Marine Environment

Jan 05, 2015

1. Small density and high strength.

The weight of titanium is 1/2 of that of aluminum, but the strength is three times that of aluminum. The specific strength of titanium is the largest among the commonly used industrial alloys. High specific strength can promote the miniaturization and light weight of marine equipment. It can increase the speed, buoyancy and maneuverability of submarine, and increase the submergence depth and payload of submersibles. Therefore, titanium is an essential structural material for marine engineering.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance.

Titanium is the best material which has been known to resist sea water corrosion at room temperature, even if in polluted seawater, hot water (lower than 120 DEG C), seawater, or mud flow, it has good corrosion resistance. In the ocean, titanium is almost non corrosive, and the surface of titanium has a strong adhesive and tough oxide film, so the corrosion resistance is more than other metals. Therefore, when titanium equipment is used in the ocean, no coating protection is needed, so, the manufacturing process is simplified, and the construction period is shortened, most importantly, the manufacturing cost is reduced.

3. High impact resistance.

The impact resistance of titanium and its alloys is the best. Therefore, it is beneficial to the ability of marine equipment to withstand the periodic impact of ocean waves, and to improve the safety and reliability of equipment.

4. No magnetic.

Titanium is non-magnetic, and is very suitable for using where electromagnetic interference must be minimized. It is commonly used in the manufacture of submarines, which can greatly reduce the magnetic field effect of submarines, in order to avoid being found anti submarine aircraft mad.

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