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Titanium Alloys Are Used To Make High Precision Parts

Oct 30, 2013

Automotive applications of titanium tube benefits is self-evident, can greatly reduce the quality, reduce fuel consumption, improve work efficiency, improve the environment and reduce the noise, using powder metallurgy titanium, powder metallurgy can not only use of raw materials, low cost, and can reduce the machining cost, especially the net shape or near net shape method is effective way of auto parts and low price production of large size.


Titanium items have high strength ratio, high temperature strength, high corrosion resistance and thermal stability and a series of excellent performance and wide attention. However, titanium plate and titanium rod of the traditional uses mainly in the aerospace and marine industry. Civilian titanium material constraints, mainly in product costs. Powder metallurgy titanium parts’ product method is different from the other parts of the production technology, powder metallurgy is used instead of titanium sponge; powder metallurgy can be related with the traditional limit waste titanium production, do not need to vacuum arc remelting, electron beam melting or plasma arc melting powder can be directly into any shape; rolling or finished products, raw materials needed to reduce manufacturing a higher output parts. This process can also produce near net shaped parts, reduce the waste that is usually accompanied by the production of traditional parts and components, reduce the process steps and increase the output. However, there are still some problems to be improved in powder metallurgy, the most important of which is pollution control, and any pollution will make the metal not suitable for high precision parts. The high structural standards in the field of aviation make it difficult for the powder metallurgy titanium alloy to appear in the aviation market, but it can be applied to civil fields where the structural requirements are not so strict. Among them, the most likely large-scale application of the industry is the automotive industry. The car market is huge, and once titanium materials are used in the automotive industry, the amount of titanium used will be much higher than the current aviation and aerospace markets.


The powder metallurgy titanium alloys have been used in high performance vehicles, mainly used in the engine and chassis, such as in the engine system with titanium alloy steel and stainless steel instead of valves, valve spring and rod parts; the chassis is mainly used as a spring, exhaust system, half shaft and all kinds of fasteners etc.. Japan Toyota Auto Body Co has developed a powder metallurgy forging method which can effectively reduce the cost. By using this method, the titanium valve of the automobile engine can be reduced by 40%. The inlet door is made of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by powder metallurgy forging process of the exhaust valve, made from composite materials, the composite material with a new alloy powder made of boride as fortifier processing, including TiB reinforcement volume fraction is about 5% powder; the matrix composition is Ti-6Al-4Sn-4Zn-1Mo-0.2Si-0.3O, the composite material has excellent creep resistance.

titanium exhaust pipe.jpgtitanium exhaust pipe2.jpg

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