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The European Aviation Authority Has Developed A New Aviation Super Alloy

Apr 23, 2012

Recently, the European Aeronautics and Space Administration (ESA) scientists have developed a new type of aviation super alloy. In similar quality requirements, the weight is only the  half of traditional nickel-based super alloy.

The European Aviation Authority (ESA) press release reported that titanium aluminum intermetallics with such characteristics were obtained under high gravity conditions.

The new super alloy can withstand about 800 degrees Celsius high temperature, and compared with traditional materials, it can reduce the weight of jet turbine blades by 45%. There is no doubt that this is very attractive material for aircraft engine manufacturers. But the alloy in the industrial production process  would need to be improved for a long time, there is no definite conclusion at this moment.

According to data released by the European Aviation Authority (ESA), a 1% reduction in aircraft weight will save 1.5% of fuel. By this, will greatly reduce the cost of airlines and reduce th pollution on the environment.

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