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The Characteristics Of Titanium Wire

Dec 02, 2013

Industrial pure titanium wire: the impurities of industrial pure titanium is higher than chemical pure titanium, so its strength and hardness is also higher than medical titanium wire, its mechanical properties and chemical properties is similar to the stainless steel, the titanium strength of titanium alloy is better than steel, also have better performance in the oxidation resistance. The Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 are successively with the increased impurity content , and the mechanical strength and hardness are increased in turns, but the plastic toughness decreases in turns.

β-type titanium: β-type titanium alloy is belong to heat treatment to strengthen, high strength alloy, weld-ability, good pressure processing, but the performance is not stable, and the melting process is complex.

β-type titanium sheet: 0.5~4.0mm

Glass sheet (Pure Titanium sheet): 0.8~8.0mm

Standard titanium sheet (pure): 1000.*2000mm, thickness: 0.5~20mm

Electroplating and other industry for using of pure titanium sheet: 0.1~50mm


Electronics, chemicals, watches, glasses, jewelry, sporting goods, machinery and equipment, electroplating equipment, environmental protection equipment, golf and precision machining and other industries.

Specified for Titanium tube: diameter 6~120mm thickness 0.3~3.0m

Application for titanium tube:

Environmental protection equipment, cooling pipe, titanium heating pipe, electroplating equipment, rings and all kinds of precision electrical appliances and other industries.
β-type titanium wire: 0.8~6.0mm

Glass wire (Pure Titanium sheet): 1.0~6.0mm

Specified Titanium wire: diameter 0.2mm~8.0 mm, specially for hanger field

Titanium wire usage: military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headdress, electroplating hanger, welding wire and other industries.

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