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The Characteristics Of Titanium Seamless Tube

Jul 30, 2013

1. Titanium seamless tube

The strength of titanium tube is high. Titanium alloy has a high strength, and its tensile strength is 686 - 1176MPa, however, the density of titanium is only about 60% of the density of steel, so the strength of titanium is very high.

2. The hardness of titanium seamless pipe is higher.

The hardness of titanium alloy (annealed) is HRC 32 - 38.

3. The titanium alloy seamless tube has lower elastic modulus.

The elastic modulus of titanium alloy (annealed) is 1.078 x 10-1.176 * 10MPa, and the elastic modulus of titanium is about 1/2 of that of steel and stainless steel. In addition, the standard for titanium seamless tubes include ASTMB337, ASTMB338, ASTMB861.

The specifications for titanium seamless tubes are as follows:

A) The outer diameter range of titanium seamless tube is OD 6-108mm.

B) The wall thickness range of titanium seamless tube is 0.5-8mm.

C) The longest length of titanium seamless tube is 15000mm.

4. Titanium has excellent properties in high temperature and low temperature environment. At high temperatures, titanium alloys can still maintain good mechanical properties, and the heat resistance of titanium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy. In addition, the working temperature range of titanium alloy is wider. At present, the working temperature of the new heat resistant titanium alloy can reach 550 - 600 DEG. At low temperature, the strength of titanium alloy is higher than that at normal temperature, and it has good toughness, for example, titanium alloys can maintain good toughness at -253 degrees centigrade.

5. Titanium seamless tube has excellent corrosion resistance. When titanium is in the air below 550 degrees, the surface will rapidly form a thin and dense film of titanium oxide, therefore, in atmosphere, sea water, nitric acid and sulfuric acid and other oxidizing medium and strong alkali, its corrosion resistance is better than most stainless steel. Titanium seamless tube is made by extrusion process, and welded titanium tube is welded by plate bending. Under normal circumstances, the wall thickness of titanium seamless tube is relatively small, and the caliber of titanium seamless pipe is relatively small. Generally speaking, the outer diameter is smaller than 114.3mm that can be manufactured titanium seamless pipe, in contrast, titanium tubes with an outer diameter greater than 114.3mm can only be produced titanium welded tubes.


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