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The Application Of Titanium In Modern Aircraft And Engines

Aug 01, 2012

1. The Application of Titanium Alloy in Aircraft Structure

Titanium alloy has a series of advantages, such as high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Because titanium is capable of forming, welding and machining parts in various ways, therefore, it has been widely used in advanced aircraft and engines. At present, the use of titanium alloy in foreign civil aircraft has also increased with the improvement of aircraft design and performance level.

2. The Application of High Temperature Titanium Alloy in Aero Generator

High temperature titanium alloys are mainly used in the manufacture of blades, plates and casings of aircraft engine compressors. These parts require materials with high specific strength, creep resistance, fatigue strength, rupture strength and stability of the organization, working conditions at high temperatures (300~600 degrees). With the improvement of aero engine thrust weight ratio, due to the increased pressure compressor outlet temperature, resulting in high temperature titanium alloy blade and disk working temperature is increasing.

3. The Application of Titanium Alloy Fasteners in Aircraft

Titanium alloy fasteners can greatly reduce the aircraft's own weight, and it not only can improve the flight performance, but also reduce the cost of use. Most significantly, it can reduce fuel consumption. So, Titanium alloy fastener has great potential for development, and the market prospect is very promising.

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