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The Application Of Titanium Alloys In Aerospace

Oct 16, 2012

As one of the aircraft structure and aircraft engine main structural material, the application level of titanium alloy market is an important measure of the degree of advanced aircraft material, is one of the important aspects of aircraft tactical performance impact. In the third generation fighter aircraft abroad, the titanium alloy takes up 20% to 25% of the body structure weight ratio, and has risen to 41% in the fourth generation fighter F-22 (EMD), and its application shows a large upward trend. Aero engine with titanium has been a gradual increase of foreign advanced aero-engine titanium consumption has reached about 30%, such as V2500 engine titanium dosage is as high as 31%, the amount of titanium alloy is 40% F119 fourth generation engine.


In civil aircraft, the amount of titanium alloy is also gradually increasing, A380 titanium accounted for 10% of the total weight, single use titanium material about 60 tons. The number of titanium used by Airbus has increased from 4.5% in third generations to fourth in the 6% generation of A340, while the titanium content of the soon to be A350 A320 will rise to 15%.


The development of the national defense system and change rapidly all over the world civil aviation system, requirements of aircraft and engine through the effective way to reduce the structural weight continuously improve performance, improve safety reliability and reduce the life cycle cost.


In 60 years, titanium alloy through innovation, technology innovation and engineering application of alloy continuously, and never stop to dig out the potential ability of titanium repeatedly, the advantages of strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the increasingly fully play out, the problem of high cost is gradually resolved in different degree, but also days and months multiplying with the design and application of experience and constantly improve the use reliability. The development trend of titanium alloy exactly adapts to the rising demand of aviation industry, and even promotes the development of aircraft and its engine in advance in some aspects.


Titanium alloy has low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, non magnetic, welding, good biocompatibility, surface decoration and other characteristics, is a kind of lightweight high strength and corrosion resistance of structural materials, and has wide application prospect in military equipment, and has been widely applied in the field of aviation, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, electric power, medical, construction, sporting goods etc.

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