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The Advantages Of Titanium In Seawater Desalination

Sep 18, 2012

In the early days, desalination devices were made of copper alloys or carbon steel alloys, because it is not resistant to sea water corrosion and Low production efficiency, so it was quickly replaced by titanium materials with excellent corrosion resistance to seawater.

1. Wall thickness of titanium tube

The wall thickness of the heat pipe is determined by the conditions of use, the construction capacity of the pipe sheet material, the expanding operation, and the welding technique at the end of the pipe. Because the diameter of the heat conducting pipe is small and the strength requirement is not high, the pipe with thinner wall thickness is used in actual use. In general, the wall thickness of copper alloy tubes is O.9mm-1.2m. When using titanium tube instead, the thin-wall welded pipe with 0.3mm wall thickness can be used in the less corrosive place.

2. Thermal Conductivity of Titanium Tube

Because of the different material and thermal conductivity of the heat pipe. Therefore, the heat conduction effect of the heat conducting tube can be controlled by the change of the wall thickness. Among many materials, titanium has the lowest thermal conductivity.

3. Economy of titanium tubes

The price of titanium pipe is 2 to 6 times higher than that of copper alloy, but considering the cost performance, the price of titanium pipe can compete with copper alloy tube. Because of the low density of titanium, the weight of titanium tubes with the same length are only 1/2 of the copper tubes when the wall thickness is the same. According to the present price level, the overall price of the thin-wall titanium welded pipe is the same as that of the copper tube, which is cheaper than that of the copper tube. It can be seen that the titanium tube is competitive in price.



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