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Talking About Titanium Alloy Watch

Apr 02, 2014

With the leadership of the steel watch hot trend, titanium gradually cut a striking figure, the titanium material is called "aviation age" metal. What is Titanium? Titanium is found in the Earth's shell, its appearance can be bright and shiny metal, or silver gray, dark gray powder. Titanium hard texture, which is harder than steel 30%, titanium is much lighter than steel, and with strong corrosion resistance. When exposed to the air, the titanium surface will form a layer of tight and tough film, it can resist some of the metal which will erode the material, the strongest for the brine. Titanium watch is very comfortable to wear, because it is not likw the characteristics of nickel, and its not to stimulate the skin, even when the sweat wear, theres no effect. In addition, because of its light and hard texture, so titanium metal watch are more durable.

Titanium jewelry is very popular in Western countries, for the Chinese people is a new thing. But due China's titanium production was weak before, the cost of jewelry of foreign company are very high, people discouraged. Only a small number of domestic companies have titanium jewelry.

General Titanium jewelry is made by thick platinum, gold plated, plated on titanium gold plated 2mic ~5mic 18K platinum or gold. It can also be plated with a variety of colors, can also be inlaid stone, inset can be used in nail, forced mosaic, ladder, titanium welding.

The use of titanium alloy watch hand straps, in recent years, it is the more and more popular, this is not just a fashion, mainly the titanium has many advantages. Low density (4.5G / CM3), only about 55% of steel, while the strength and hardness is close to stainless steel, followed by excellent corrosion resistance, basically no rust, and then there is green package environmental protection, it wont hurt the human body as metal. Therefore, the titanium alloy is widely used in medical, photographic equipment, glasses, sports, aviation, military and other industries, many of the excellent performance of titanium metal will be more and more widely used, it will be like the emergence of aluminum and extensive Application, as a fourth generation of metal. Giving a full sense of science and technology, it was titanium reputation as the twenty-first century metal,  I used to have been twisted into a titanium glasses frame, but as long as if putting it into boiled water, you can automatically restore the original shape, titanium is really amazing, it has memory characteristics.

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