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Switzerland Client Mr. Flükiger Had A Meeting With TSM For Potential Cooperation

Aug 17, 2017

Mr. Flükiger has many years experience in dealing with titanium bar, tantalum, niobium etc., he has traveled to China since 15 years ago, usually every year he would come to China, this time he took his daughter Ella to visit Xi’an, she never been China before.

This time we got this valued chance to have a meeting with him, we have a deep talk with him, from our talking, we know each other more and more, it would have a great help for us to understand each other much easier. As his many experience on non ferrous metals, he give us lots of suggestion on titanium processing, and we talked some difficult project, we told him that we have excellent skill for difficult project, and we show him some pictures of products we manufactured for our clients, as we cooperate with many of university teachers, we got the big support from them, meanwhile, we have a high educated engineering team in processing UAV from Shandong Province, our factory has blooded relationship with them, as their boss is our boss’brother.

From our talking, Mr. Flükiger show much interest in difficult titanium processing parts and titanium raw materials, we both hope that we have a deep cooperation in the near future.


Next, just as mentioned that his daughter Ella was the first time to China, Mr. Flükiger is willing to take his beloved daughter to see the Music spring at big goose pagoda and water movie in Tang Paradise. After checked the details, then got the confirmation from the Guard, as the time between Spring and water movie are very near, so we could only choose one, finally decided to see water-screen movie, as the supper time is around, we had a diner with them in a very representative restaurant and tasted some snacks, and then visited the Tang Paradise, we went to water movie directly, it was a very wonderful day. We took some photos at Tang Paradise, they show me many interest in Tang dynasty, they really love the architecture of Tang style. They enjoyed this business trip very much, and we both hope that we would have more and more cooperation in the near future, we TSM will support you all the time. 

Titanium Alloy.jpgTitanium Alloy.jpg

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