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Pure Titanium Plate Pickling Process With Temperature

Jan 02, 2018

The pure titanium plate with temperature pickling process, including the pre cleaning process, is characterized by:

The pure titanium plate with temperature in the pickling process of pre cleaning process, also includes the following processes: water washing process, pickling process, water washing process with water temperature at 35 to 45 DEG C within the scope of water flushing; pickling process used in composition and content of the solution is HNO3:190 ~ 280g/l;HF:15 ~ 45g/l; the content of metal ions in acid: 10 ~ 35g/l; acid washing time: 1.5 ~ 1.75min, acid solution temperature: 35 ~ 45 C.

This process can reduce the frequency of the use of strong acid solution in combination, effectively reduce the rate of acid complex at the same time, to ensure the surface of pure titanium plate for passivation treatment, and solve the defects of macular pure titanium plate surface, improves production efficiency, saves the process of special passivation treatment, reduces the production cost.

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