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Process For Preparing Superfine Crystalline Biomedical Titanium Alloy

Aug 13, 2014

Biomedical titanium alloys have become the main material of surgical implants and orthopedic instruments because of their high strength, good corrosion resistance, low elastic modulus and excellent biocompatibility. Compared with coarse grain medical titanium alloy, ultrafine grained medical titanium alloy has higher strength, better fatigue performance and corrosion resistance. Moreover, ultrafine grained titanium alloy can induce the ingrowth of bone tissue, increase the interface bonding strength and accelerate the process of bone repair, and have broad application prospects in the field of hard tissue repair materials.

The research shows that large plastic deformation technology is an important approach to obtain ultrafine grained titanium alloy. It can be in the premise of not changing the metal material size, and the introduction of high density dislocation by the stress exerted a lot of shear, will refine the grain size less than 1 micron to obtain ultrafine grained materials composed of uniform equiaxed grains. This method is difficult to introduce impurities in the process of processing. No residual shrinkage holes are obtained in the prepared samples, which avoids the problems of voids and compactness in ultrafine grained materials prepared by other methods. At present, as an effective method for producing ultrafine grained and nanocrystalline materials, large plastic deformation have been used in the preparation of ultrafine new biomedical titanium alloy, grain refinement by optimized material properties, including strength, ductility, fatigue performance and corrosion resistance etc.And the preparation process is as follows:

1.Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)

2.High pressure torsion (HPT)

3.Accumulative roll bonding (ARB)

4.Friction stir processing (FSP)

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