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German Dealer Mr. Josef Visited TSM For Further Cooperation In The Future

Apr 30, 2017

TSM have've been working with Mr.Josef for years, but this is the first time he came to China and visit TSM. In the past few years, the order amount of titanium materials and processing parts  has increased exponentially every year. In order to promote better understanding and cooperation between the two sides, Mr.Josef has brought his wife and interpreter to TSM company.


We have made further communication with some details in our previous cooperation process, and visited our titanium production equipment, production process, nonconforming product handling plan, and discussed our after-sales service.


He gave full recognition to our work.Next, the representative of our company with the most China they tasted the snack, and then visited the eighth wonder of the world ,Terracotta Warriers and horses in Qin Shihuang, they not only satisfied with our service,  but also have a better understanding of China deep history and produced a strong interest.They have enjoyed this business trip very much,we hope we will do more and more business in the fure,TSM will surport you all the time.

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