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Effects Of Electrochemical Oxidation And Micro Arc Oxidation On Titanium Alloys

Aug 06, 2012

Electrochemical oxidation is a solution or suspension into the organic matter in the electrolytic cell, through direct current on the anode electron capture to the oxidation of organic matter or to make cheap metal oxide to metal ions, and metal ion to organic matter oxidation method.

Micro arc oxidation is also called micro plasma oxidation,by combining the electrolyte with the corresponding electrical parameters, the instantaneous high temperature and high pressure effects on the surface of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their alloys are generated by arc discharge,The growth in matrix metal oxide based ceramic coatings.

Microarc oxidation ceramic technology, is based on conventional anodic oxidation on enhanced and activated at the anode reaction by arc discharge, and in a method of forming high-quality laminate ceramic film on surface of workpiece material to aluminum, titanium, magnesium and their alloys, is by applying a voltage with special power supply for microarc oxidation on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece surface interaction between metal and electrolyte solution, the formation of micro arc discharge on the surface of workpiece in high temperature, electric field and other factors under the action of the formation of ceramic film on metal surface, reach the surface strengthening of the workpiece.

Titanium alloy has been widely used in the fields of aviation, spaceflight and medical treatment by anodizing. In order to achieve certain decorative effect. Color Anodizing can be carried out. In addition, the new process of microarc oxidation of titanium alloy has improved the wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Further expand its scope of application.

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