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Development Status Of Titanium In Bicycle Industry

Jul 24, 2012

Titanium used in bicycles and wheelchairs was formed in the mid 80s, and titanium applications are growing rapidly, but as these small markets begin to heat up, the process of titanium application slows down worldwide.

1. Bicycle frame

In the last few years because of cuts to defense and aircraft industry has a floating, the three companies in the United States to use a l Ti-3 production of 2.5V pipe to the bicycle industry, but the production of the world is a bicycle frame 3AI-2.5V less than three Boeing 747 aircraft with titanium (130t). There are nearly 50 production of titanium bicycle company, 90% of the world's total titanium frame from several original equipment manufacturers (OE), half of the remaining 10% is produced by the United States, America has long is the largest titanium bicycle production and consumption country in.2015 years is likely to be the highest annual sales of titanium frame, it will produce 17000 side titanium frame, a total weight of about 82 tons of materials, including titanium tubes, rods and plates. When more and more cyclists began to understand the benefits of titanium, but feel shy, with air quality pipe production Ti-3Al-2.5V frame, each pair of price Lattice between 1600 and 3500 dollars, the bicycle price from $2400 to $6000. In the past four years, industrial pure titanium tube and non aviation -3AI-2.SV (motion level) with penalty frame made of titanium alloy is very popular, some sports grade titanium frame retail lowest price $1000 per pair, the bicycle is the most price of $1700.

2, bicycle parts

Bicycle parts that are connected on the frame of the crankshaft positioner, pedal, handlebar, titanium parts industry than does -3 penalty 1 2.5V frame industry develops quickly, most of the components are produced by using the Ti-6AI-4V components, mostly using bar or sheet machine out by Ti-6A1-4V. The purchasing power of just Ti-3 2.5V bleeding. The frame of 1/31997 about 10t parts. Casting parts can be SB more and more common, but this development may be greater than the machining parts of slow development, titanium suppliers began production to titanium parts manufacturers to provide cheap materials, most of the low cost of bicycle level material is virtually eliminated aviation materials.

3 wheelchairs, frames and components

The wheelchair market is different in many ways from the bicycle market, the most important difference is that only a small amount of titanium wheelchair frame production, mostly produced by seamed industrial pure titanium tube, titanium total wheelchair purchasing power is about 55t. at present in only a handful of American companies have enough research and development funds to develop titanium wheelchair or buy materials. Compared with the cheaper aluminum wheelchair, wheelchair advantage of titanium is not much, but now titanium screw bolt, titanium parts industry has not yet formed a wheelchair, although there is a market, but very small, only a small amount of consumable parts including.


Ti-3Al-2.5V is the most commonly used titanium alloy for bicycles, although it is developed for aircraft hydraulic systems, but because of its formability and corrosion resistance. The fatigue strength and high weight ratio and good elongation to meet the standard market performance of the bicycle, compared with other titanium alloy, the biggest advantage of Ti-3Al-2.5V is the yield strength and the tube forming easily, the disadvantage is its price and the modulus and density ratio difference. In order to put Ti-3Al-2.5V out for the leading position for the frame of the material is not easy the.Ti-6AI-4V also has a certain appeal, its modulus and strength are higher than Ti-3Al-2.5V, but processed into a bicycle frame that small diameter tubing.Ti 15V-3Al 6Cr-4Mo-4Zr is also a difficult easy molding, but the density of high modulus, low offset the benefits it increases in strength of the.

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