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Classification,development And Application Of Titanium Wire

May 04, 2012

Titanium and titanium alloy wire, as an important variety of titanium series, have made great progress both in terms of output, specification and application. The general sense of titanium and titanium alloy wire refers to the material form of titanium products supply, but also to supply the straight wire. As a leader in metal materials, titanium wire has a series of incomparable advantages of other metal materials, so they are widely used in aerospace, military and other high-tech fields.


1. classification of titanium wires

Whether to titanium containing alloying elements can be divided into pure titanium and titanium alloy, and titanium alloy and its microstructure at room temperature according to different components and can be divided into alpha titanium alloy and alloy, near alpha (alpha beta) alloys, near beta and beta type alloy alloy. Titanium and its alloys can be prepared according to their different properties. The finished products of Ti and Ti alloy wire are hard (Y) and annealed (M).


2. Application of titanium wire

Titanium and titanium alloy has good corrosion resistance, high strength, no magnetism, high biocompatibility, the ultrasonic acoustic impedance is small, high coefficient of hydrogen storage and good shape memory function and a series of important use value of excellent properties, resulting in important applications in aerospace, petroleum chemical industry and health, automobile, construction, and sports leisure products etc.. Moreover, in recent years, due to its continuous development and variety, it provides more choices for high performance industrial products and consumer products. Here are some aspects of the application of titanium and its alloys.


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