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Characteristics And Applications Of Titanium Equipment And Titanium Container

Feb 25, 2014

Titanium has the characteristics of high hardness, light weight, corrosion resistance and so on. Because of their superior properties and characteristics, they are made into titanium equipment and widely used in industry, chemical and many other fields. 

1. Titanium has better corrosion resistance in many mediums than stainless steel and aluminum. Moreover, titanium is light in weight and high in specific strength.

Titanium is easy to produce dense titanium oxide passive film on the surface of air and oxidizing neutral aqueous solution. The electrode potential of titanium is remarkably shifted, and the thermodynamic stability is greatly improved. The coefficient of passivity is used to indicate the degree of chemical stability after passivation. Iron is 0.18, nickel is 0.37, molybdenum is 0.49, chromium is 0.74, aluminium is 0.82, and titanium is 2.44.

2. In the medium of chlorine, such as sea water and salt water, carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum have poor corrosion resistance, while titanium has a unique and excellent corrosion resistance, and about 50% of the titanium container is used to resist the corrosion of chlorine containing medium.

3. Under certain conditions, fuming nitric acid, dry chlorine gas, methanol, trichloroethylene, liquid nitrogen tetroxide, molten metal salt, carbon tetrachloride and other medium titanium may cause burning and explosion or stress corrosion. Therefore, it is very prudent to use titanium containers with these media.

4. Titanium and titanium containers are generally not required to assess impact toughness.

5. Titanium has superior corrosion resistance, and More than 90% of industrial pure titanium, TA1, TA2 is used in civilian industry to make all kinds of titanium equipment, and the 3/4 in these titanium equipment is used to make titanium container.

6. Because the corrosion resistance of titanium is formed by the surface oxide film, general industrial pure titanium and titanium alloy are not corrosion resistant in high temperature hydrochloric acid and other strong reducing medium. 

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