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Application Of Titanium Material In Sports Goods

Nov 08, 2013

The use of titanium in sporting goods has increased the awareness of titanium from the earliest tennis rackets and badminton rackets to the wide use of golf clubs, handles, and racing cars in recent years.

1. golf clubs, ball head

Titanium golf club and ball head is still a big pillar of titanium in the civil field. Titanium has a small proportion and strong strength. It can make the ball head bigger, without increasing the total weight of the club. In a wide range of trials, golfers used the titanium ball head to hit 20% more on average than the ball head, and the stroke distance was improved. At present, larger golf clubs require their surface to be thin and require a very durable surface. So titanium foil and tubing are the best choice.

titanium golf club head.jpg

2. tennis racket, badminton racket

At present, the application of titanium on tennis racket is mainly made of titanium wire embedded in racket frame. The utility model not only improves the momentary inertia force of the tennis racket hitting, but also makes the ball easy to hit even if the ball does not hit the central part of the racket, thereby enhancing the batting power of the racket. According to the characteristics of titanium, while producing the racket, the titanium nickel super elastic alloy material and coating processing method are adopted in the handle part of the tennis racket, so as to develop the new use of the titanium pipe and the titanium bar. As well as tennis rackets, badminton rackets made of pure titanium and long handled titanium platform were developed and commercialized.

3. Racing bicycles

The Litespeed in US produces frames for titanium, titanium frames that are lighter, more comfortable and have longer service life than chrome - molybdenum alloy frames. In the past 4 years, industrial pure titanium tubes, non aviation Ti-3Al-2.5V (Sports grade) titanium alloy frame is very popular. Now cycling around the world has been widely carried out, especially suitable for high-grade titanium bicycle parts, so titanium bicycle sales are gradually increasing, titanium tube, titanium wire, titanium fasteners and become the main driving force to promote the development of titanium bicycle.

titanium bicycle frame.jpg

4. Racing cars

Because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, titanium has been used in racing and limited production of exotic sports vehicles. Titanium in the automotive industry, can greatly reduce the weight of the car, reduce its fuel consumption, protect the environment and reduce noise. The properties of titanium have been well demonstrated in the car.

Almost all metal components on the car can be made of titanium and its alloy, such as bolts, connecting rod, rocker, exhaust pipe, air return pipe, valve, valve spring, brake, sensor parts, etc.. In addition, titanium can also be used for surface coating, and has been used on the surface of brake panels to improve the performance, which ensures the quality of the brake plate light and long life. Titanium is used in automobiles to extend the service life of valves, springs, and connecting rods.

5. other sporting goods

Mountain climbing and skiing equipment is developing in the direction of light weight and miniaturization. Titanium with light weight, high strength, low temperature impact value does not decrease in properties such as excellent climbing and skiing equipment materials, has been widely used, such as titanium alloy mountaineering sticks, mountaineering and rock climbing shoe nail fasteners, ski, skate etc.. Titanium sporting goods include fencing, protective masks, swords, fishing rods, fishing tackle, rowing parts, and more.

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