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2016 Dusseldorf International Tube And Pipe Trade Fair

Apr 04, 2016

2016 Germany Dusseldorf international tube and wire Exhibition held by Germany Dusseldorf exhibition center, held every two years, has been 30 years of history, the exhibition scale, professional and strong, wide coverage, is the international steel Titanium,Nickel and Zirconium tube and wire field in the influential exhibition.


The exhibition attracted a total of about more than 2500 exhibitors including two sections of Titanium tubes and wires, with a net exhibition area of over 108000 square meters, breaking the record set in 2010 and 2012. Exhibitors welcome 72000 professional visitors from 104 countries to visit these two top global industry events.


Tube: Titanium Tube material, steel,stainless Titanium,Tantalum and NiobiumZirconium and HafniumTungsten and Molybdenum pipe and accessories, other metal pipes and accessories, Titanium pipe fittings, connector and connector, Titanium and Nickel Tee, elbow, flange, pipe processing, manufacturing and molding machinery, processing equipment, automation equipment, testing equipment etc.

Wire: Titanium Wire processing and manufacturing machinery, equipment and materials, power cables, control cables, insulation materials; spring and fastener processing and manufacturing machinery, welding technology and equipment,Titanium wire and cable products and accessories, optical fiber connectors and auxiliary equipment, wire and cable products in related fields, measurement and control technology and products etc.


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