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What are the magical effects of titanium products?

Aug 28, 2018

The performance of titanium is so excellent, the role of titanium and titanium products has become more extensive. Our most common titanium products are titanium plates, titanium rods, titanium standard parts and even titanium wire. With the continuous research and development of titanium, the application fields of titanium are becoming more and more extensive, and titanium and titanium alloys as well as various titanium products are also increasing. Let's take a look at the classification and use of titanium wire.

Titanium wire can generally be divided into pure titanium titanium wire and titanium alloy titanium wire according to whether the raw material is pure titanium or titanium alloy; or can be divided into α titanium alloy and near α type alloy according to different components of titanium alloy, (α+β ) alloy, near beta alloy and beta alloy. It can also be classified according to the performance of the titanium wire, or it can be classified according to other, but the basis of other titanium wire classification is less, and the adjustment is made according to the parameters of each industry.

The basic characteristics of titanium, corrosion resistance, high hardness, no magnetic, high temperature, low temperature, etc., this series of functions has led to the wide application of titanium products. At present, the application of titanium is still focused on aviation and aerospace. In the fields of chemical, medical, automotive, construction, sports, industry, leisure, etc., so far, titanium is still in short supply, and its development potential is still very large.

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