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We could not imagine the function of titanium screws?

Apr 03, 2017

When we customize the titanium screws, how to choose the screw material, in fact, titanium alloy is to meet the different needs of the industry arising. Due to the use of all the screws in the world environment, the various parts used in the machine parts are also different, the machine required screw hardness, flexibility, heat conductivity, wear resistance is also different.


So we screw manufacturers to customize the production of screw fasteners, they will ask the user's screws in which aspects, the need to have what kind of performance, if the hardness requirements, then the proposed use of titanium cobalt alloy, titanium cobalt alloy is generally used In the system to do cutting tools.


In the screw selection, we must understand that when the hardness of the screw is high, then the screws are easy to break. If you need custom wear and hardness of a good screw fasteners, then it is recommended to use titanium alloy. Because copper is one of the wear-resistant metal, but if the titanium screws in both wear and tear at the same time to have hardness and flexibility, we must add a titanium.

Because the titanium has a hardness, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, cold and heat conduction slow and many other advantages, of course, the price is not cheap, if the need to take into account the cold and heat conduction slow, light weight, flexible, anti-strong tensile, Corrosion, no doubt titanium is the first choice, if the general screw fasteners, choose cheap copper and iron and other stainless steel and other materials can be, if it is a special environment must require screw fasteners with some kind of alloy characteristics, it must choose A characteristic of titanium alloy metal.


Titanium alloy titanium inside the inside, but there is a lot of knowledge, titanium alloy is based on titanium to join other elements of the alloy, titanium alloy and titanium alloy, titanium alloy, titanium alloy, titanium and other 70 kinds of titanium Metal. Titanium alloy density is generally 4.51g / cubic centimeter, only 60% of steel, some high-strength titanium alloy than the strength of many alloy structural steel. Therefore, the strength (strength / density) of titanium alloy is much larger than that of other metal structure materials, and the parts with high strength, good rigidity and light weight can be produced. Aircraft engine components, skeleton, skin, fasteners and landing gear and so on using titanium alloy.

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