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Titanium used in the pharmaceutical industry

Jan 25, 2018

Titanium has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry,has certain Pro biological properties.

In the human body, it can resist the corrosion of the secretions and non-toxic secretions, also applicable to any sterilization method,

which has been widely used in making medical instruments,such as artificial hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint and so on.when new muscle fibers are wrapped around these titanium bone,It begins to maintain the normal activities of the human body.

Titanium is widely distributed in human body,Its role is not yet clear but titanium can stimulates phagocytes and enhance immunity have been proved.

The application of titanium in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly in five aspects. The first part is in the transplant,as artificial joint’s substitute material, titanium alloys with a composition of Ti-6Al-4VELI are often used.  The second part is used in orthopedics, often using the titanium nickel shape memory alloy.Used for making plates, correction of scoliosis etc. 

The third part is used in pharmaceutical industry, we can use it making containers, reactors and heaters. The fourth part is to use it to make medical instruments, including some titanium surgical instruments, such as surgical blades,, scissors, etc. The last is titanium and titanium alloy’s dental applications,The main components of the titanium alloy are Ti-6AL-4V, with the developing of technology, superelastic titanium alloy was invented. Its components are Ti-Ni.


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